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Eastwood Adventures in Kenya - Revived!

Years ago, when we first moved to Kenya, I started a blog. I was diligent in posting every chicken with no feathers I saw, every donkey cart along the way - every single detail of what was the beginning of an incredible life God had waiting for me.

Now... 11 years after we first moved to Kenya I am going to attempt to revive this blog. I hope some of you will read it again. I am grateful for those of you who are reading for the first time.

It's impossible to catch up on the last 11 years - all those stories. What I want to do now is detail the happenings in Kenya as often as I am able. With the help of some of our children who are now young adults, I think we can manage.

Today, I want to share news that we had to release one of our long time employees. Mary

(not her real name) was one of our matrons and spent two weeks, twenty four hours a day each month with the girls who came to the center. She was a mother figure to many.

We found that Mary had been counseling the girls to NOT prosecute their fathers and other relatives who had beaten and raped them. One of the things we try hardest to do is have the perpetrators prosecuted and sent to jail. Mary is an older Kenyan lady. She just couldn't understand why that was important. We tried to talk with her, but for some it is too late for change. Because her ideas and values were so greatly differed from all of us at NOW.

After full review, Mary was let go. It is a painful time for us. But the staff at NOW Kenya are more than employees. They too are missionaries. It is imperative that we all understand what we believe and most of all the one we serve - Christ Jesus.

Please pray for Mary as she transitions out. She is an older widowed lady. We will continue to help with her children and will hire her for one off things when we are able, but her direct and very close interaction with our girls has to end.

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