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Emily Marie Martin first traveled to Kenya in 2015. She fell in love with the people and culture and shared the love of Jesus with everyone she met in Kenya. On her second trip to Kenya her Kenyan family became even closer and Emily decided that she was ready to do full time ministry in Kenya.


On December 25th, 2017 Emily came to Kenya on her third trip and brought with her brother Joshua and her cousin Ashtin to show them the place she loved and wanted to serve. That would be Emily's final trip to Kenya. On January 1,2018 in the very early hours of the morning, Emily went to be with Jesus. Losing her was difficult for her US and Kenyan families. On that day, we lost one of God's finest creations.

Len , Susan and Esther had asked Emily to serve on the board of what was once known as The Haven. On that trip, she was to sign documents making her an official member of the board. Before she passed, she was able to visit the nearly complete facility which only had a foundation and a few walls when she was there in 2016.

In honor of her life of service to Christ and her passion and commitment to the people of Kenya, the haven was registered as and will forever be known as


Romans 8:18

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