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Dana Lyle aka Mama Bailey

“This was my first mission trip and I got to speak (preach?) in church on EASTER SUNDAY MORNING!!! Of course, speaking on the resurrection of Jesus Christ was intimidating and exciting. While that goes down in history as one of my proudest accomplishments, it’s not my favorite memory from Kenya.

The most fun thing was helping Esther on the computer. She learns so quickly. She immediately became one of my best friends.

What I hold closest to my heart is sharing my story with the women pictured here. They were under the impression that white women in America don’t have problems. (I corrected that misconception. ) I was able to incorporate Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with the “Life on Mission Circles”. Many of these women are in abusive relationships. I hope I was able to drive home my point that while God does call us to forgive, we can not do so until our basic need for things like food, water and SAFEY are met. Our basic need for safety must be met before we can engage in higher level thinking and healing which includes forgiving. Bottom line, one can not stay in an abusive situation and say “God calls me to forgive.”

Anyway, what warmed my heart is one of these women saying she was praying for me when she left that day. With all her issues, she said she was praying for ME. I found that to be extremely humbling and it really gave me perspective.”

-Dana Lyle. aka Mama Bailey


“My two trips to Kenya have changed my life. I fell in love with the people in my first few days of being there. They have such a joy I had never experienced. I am a huge home body and never like to be far from home but I have never felt more at home then I did when I was there serving.” - SaraGrace Hudson

SaraGrace Hudson

Kelly Cason aka Mama Spencer

“I had the privilege of praying with these fellow moms in Kenya. Regardless of what part of the world we live in, as mothers our priority is the well being of our children. We want to protect them at all cost. The difference between me and these women is what we have to protect our children from and resources that are available to help us. These women are amazingly strong and resilient, a reminder for me that I am capable of more than I think.”

- Kelly Cason aka Mama Spencer

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